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Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa

Animated Feature Film  Completed (2021)  84 minutes  Family


Convinced that his father, who disappeared at sea two years ago, is still alive, 12-year-old Felix embarks on a search for him in the company of Old Tom, a retired fisherman; Squawk, a one-legged parrot; and Rover, a cat who acts like a dog. Their journey takes them to Darkshadow Island, where a secret community inhabits an underground city, ruled by the megalomaniacal Morgäa, possessor of a priceless treasure.

3D Animated feature film
Platforms: Cinema, Television


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Voices (french):
Karine Vanasse (Morgäa / Madeleine)
Gabriel Lessard (Félix / Morgalien)
Guy Nadon (Tom)
Marc Labrèche (Klaus)
Catherine Proulx-Lemay (Mylène)
Éveline Gélinas (Annie)
Louis Lacombe-Petrowski (Max)
Antoine Durand (Gardien / Capitaine Rogers / Jack)
Tristan Harvey (Paul Potvin / Réceptionniste de la garde-côte / Gardien / Chauffeur)
Kim Jalabert (Mia / Lydia)
Geneviève Bédard (Charlotte / Voix haut-parleurs / Voix du téléphone d'urgence)
Frédéric Desager (Concepteur publicitaire/ Gardien négligent)
Jean-François Beaupré (Gardien)
Jérôme Boiteau (Ulysse / Gardien)
Karine Vanasse (Morgäa / Madeleine)
Daniel Brochu (Felix)
Vlasta Vrana (Tom)
Holly Gauthier-Frankel (Mia / Marlene)
Angela Galuppo (Annie)
Wyatt Bowen (Max / Guard)
Terrence Scammell (Bruce Bagwell / Negligent Guard / Driver)
Richard M. Dumont (Rich Hipster / Guard)
Arthur Holden (Klaus / Guard)
Marcel Jeannin (Jack)
Mark Camacho (Operator / Morgalian man / Guard)
Elizabeth Neale (Lydia / Voice speaker)
Eleanor Noble (Charlotte / Voice emergency phone)
Jérôme Boiteau (Rover / Guard / Captain Rogers)
Production Company
10e Ave Productions
Nancy Florence Savard
Original Idea
Nicola Lemay
Nicola Lemay
Artistic Supervisor
Philippe Arseneau Bussières
Adapted by
Arthur Holden
Marc Robitaille
Nicola Lemay
Animation Director
Yann Tremblay
Film Editor
René Caron
Music Composer
Gilles Léveillé
Sound Designer
Jérôme Boiteau
Canadian Distributor
Maison 4:3
International Sales
10e Ave Studio and Attraction Distribution



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