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Le 3e lieu : les bibliothèques publiques

Documentary  Completed (2015)  52 minutes


Over the past few years, Quebec’s libraries have undergone spectacular changes. In the spirit of Unesco’s recognition of public libraries’ role, they no longer simply hold and lend out their book collections. They’re in touch with the reality of today’s societies – characterized by technology and new media platforms, but also by immigration, an aging population, loneliness, students dropping out of school – and they participate fully in these societies. They seek new users in their own environments, even in the most unexpected locations, hoping to welcome them into the library, which has become, after home and work, the place people visit most. Libraries are places of culture and peace, but also, increasingly, of connection and socialization: with colourful interiors, game nights just for teenagers, lectures on books that deal with difficult subjects, reading out loud in seniors’ residences, language labs, and much more. No effort is spared when it comes to attracting new visitors and encouraging people to read.

Platform: Television

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Nancy Florence Savard
Production company
10th Ave Productions
Linda Amyot et Martine Forand
Martine Forand
ICI Radio-Canada / ICI RDI


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