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Holiday Tales

Collection of 5 tales

Animation  In development  5 X 30 minutes  Family


There's always magic in the air at Christmas time. That magic can be a source of hope, giving rise to new traditions. It can help mice to make a new home for themselves, children to find a family, and young couples to unite their lives in marriage! The holiday season is a festive time when anything can happen, just like in the most wonderful Holiday Tales.

3D animation
Platform: Television

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Production company
10th Ave Productions
Nancy Florence Savard, André Jean, Andrée Lambert, Roger Harvey, Louise Leblanc, Johanne Mercier and Pierre Greco
Christine Dallaire-Dupont


10th Ave Productions
209 Place Jean-Juneau
St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec
Canada, G3A 2W1

+1 418 877-0101

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