Finalist at the Arts and Culture Awards

Wednesday April 20 2005

In the 18th Annual Arts and Culture Awards, the television and cinematographic production house 10th Ave Productionsis a finalist for the “Prix Sodec de l’entreprise culturelle.” Each year the Sodec underlines the remarkable efforts in business development of an enterprise in the Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions. The winners will be revealed on April 25th in the “Théâtre de la Bordée” in Quebec City.

From its creation, 10th Ave and its’ president, Nancy Savard, were enormously involved in the development of the regional production. The 10th Ave mission was to make the national and international television and film industry discover the exceptional talents of local artists. Specializing in 3D animation and medical/social documentaries, the 10th Avepieces have been broadcasted in Quebec, Japan, Denmark, Ukraine, France, Spain and other countries. Whether it is with The collection of classic Christmas tales which includes the titles of The legend of the Christmas treeThe Christmas stocking taleThe tradition of the Christmas log, and The kiss under the mistletoe locally broadcasted on Tele-Quebec, or with the popular documentary broadcasted on RDI and Radio-Canada, Franchir le mur du son on cochlear implant technology featuring the renowned Dr. Pierre Ferron of the Hotel Dieu in Quebec City with participation from René Simard, Marie-Josée Taillefer and their two charming deaf children Olivier and Rosalie, 10th Ave actively participates in radiating Quebecois talent in it’s region.

Presently, 10th Ave is working on financing an international co-production of a full-length 3D animated film, Sarila, a symbol of Inuit determination that addresses children. Additionally, they are preparing to produce a documentary calledL’intelligence de la jambe bionique about the invention created by the engineer Stéphane Bédard from Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, with the exceptional participation from the lawyer and former Prime Minister of Quebec, Mr. Lucien Bouchard.


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