The Kiss Under the Mistletoe, fourth 3D animation movie

Tuesday December 13 2005

In what has turned into a holiday tradition, this week 10th Ave will launch its fourth Christmas tale Le baiser sous le gui (The Kiss Under the Mistletoe) written by Andrée Lambert, produced by Nancy Savard and soon to be aired in Quebec on Télé-Québec, and in the rest of the French-speaking world on TV5 Monde.

Le baiser sous le gui is the most moving tale of 10th Ave’s Collection of classic Christmas tales. While living happily with Marianne, the director of their orphanage, three orphaned children from the same family – Alice, Albert and Arthur – have their world turned upside down. A couple from a distant land named the Milots adopt the two boys, leaving Alice on her own. The little girl is beside herself, but her brothers promise her that they will soon be reunited. On the night before Christmas, the two brothers put their plan into action and run away through the forest. Unfortunately, they lose their way in the cold, snowy darkness. With the help of Betty the mare, Gallery the gull, Captain Graig and Marianne, Alice sets off in search of her lost brothers when the mistletoe works its magic!

Le baiser sous le gui is a wondrous tale by writer Andrée Lambert, which Olivier Auriol has put to music with considerable originality and sensitivity. Producer Nancy Savard admits, “I affectionately call this my chick flick, even though the scenes with the two boys at the Milots’ house are unquestionably the most mischievous in the collection.”

L’histoire du Bas de Noël (The Christmas Stocking Tale)La tradition de la bûche de Noël (The tradition of the Christmas Log), and Le baiser sous le gui (The Kiss Under the Mistletoe) will be be aired on TV5 Monde in Latin America, the Carribean, the United States, the Near East, Asia and Africa for Christmas 2005. 10th Ave’s Christmas tales will be aired locally on Télé-Québec.


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