Patrice and Céline Garcia’s next project – Tidoms

Wednesday June 20 2007

Following the 2007 Marché International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy, Nancy Savard, producer and director at 10th Ave Productions, is happy to announce the conclusion of a co-production agreement with the French producers Henri Magalon of Maybe Movies and François Cohen Séat of Art’ Mell, for the fantasy project Tidoms by Patrice Garcia and Céline Garcia, creators, among other productions, of the feature Arthur and the Invisibles by Luc Besson.

“This television series for children involving marionettes short in live action tugged at my heartstrings when the project came to me last April,” said Savard. “As soon as I received it, I mentioned my interest in this magnificently beautiful project featuring the creative universe of Patrice Garcia, the art director also associated with Luc Besson’s feature The Fifth Element. 10th Ave has always been attracted to projects with strong artistic expression and rich stories, and Tidoms fits its criteria perfectly. When we read it, we knew exactly what expertise we could offer to the project. The meeting with producer Henri Magalon and Céline Limorato, director of youth programming for France 5, made our involvement a reality. We are thrilled with this wonderful prospect for collaboration.”

Tidoms is a series of 52 13-minute episodes of fantasy adventures centred around ecology and biodiversity as seen through the eyes of little gnomes called Mousse et Prune.

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