Nominated for the Prix d’excellence des Arts et de la Culture

Tuesday November 13 2007

For a second year, 10th Ave Productions 10e Ave is a finalist for the Prix Sodec entreprise culturelle aux Prix d’excellence des Arts et de la Culture, an event organized by the cultural councils of the Quebec City and Chaudières Appalaches regions. 10th Ave Productions is pleased to observe that its work, providing international exposure for Quebec artists, is being recognized by people on the cultural scene in Quebec City.

10th Ave Productions is a digital television and movie production house. Its projects are noted for their universal themes, high-quality production, outstanding art direction, and international distribution on various platforms: large and small screen, podcasting, Internet, and mobile telephones.

The audiences for projects produced by 10th Ave Productions, including animation and documentaries of international interest, are families, young people, and children. Its productions are broadcast in more than 20 countries on various platforms: on television in Quebec and Japan, on DVD in Spain, on the Web in France, and via mobile telephony in Taiwan.

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10th Ave does not accept any unsolicited projects.

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