Official souvenir of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebration

Thursday June 19 2008

At a press conference yesterday, the organizers of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebration announced, in collaboration with Archambault, the selection of The Collection of Classic Christmas Tales, by producer and director Nancy Savard of 10th Ave Productions, as one of the official souvenirs of the celebration.

“This gift could not have come at a better time in my life,” said Savard. “In December of this year, I will be celebrating my 20th anniversary as a professional director, and in October the tenth anniversary of the foundation of my production house, 10th Ave Productions, which took the leap of faith of moving to the Quebec City region to form an animation company making stories that take place in Quebec. My four Christmas tales are my personal tribute to this city that I adore, and that I have been able to bring to the screen with Quebec artists from the first drawing to the last note of the soundtrack.”

“When it comes to the boxed set The Collection of Classic Christmas Tales, I find this choice by the 400th anniversary team very relevant, since each film is set in one of the city’s neighbourhoods,” noted the director-general of the 400th anniversary celebrations, Daniel Gélinas. “In The Christmas Stocking tale, the tale takes place on Rue Buade; in The Tradition of the Christmas Log, we explore Château Frontenac; and Kiss Under the Mistletoe takes place in the Petit Champlain area. It’s a postcard of the city in 3D animation!”

“The next challenge will be to make a feature-length film in the region,” concluded Savard, smiling, “and I am hoping to produce one soon. A 3D animation film for young audience, produced in Quebec – that’s a great project to begin the city’s next century, isn’t it?”

The Collection of Classic Christmas Tales is a set of four tales in 3D animation produced and directed entirely in Quebec, as well as nine multimedia games for children 4 to 8 years old. The films are broadcast in Quebec every Christmas season on Télé-Québec and in English Canada on YTV, and to date they are also broadcast in no fewer than 15 countries.

10th Ave Productions is a digital television and movie production house. Its projects are noted for their universal themes, high-quality production, outstanding art direction, and international distribution on various platforms: movies, television, MP3, Internet, and mobile telephony.


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