10th Ave Productions gets a promotion

Thursday November 6 2008

With its recent recognition by Telefilm Canada, 10sup>th Ave productions is now eligible on its own as a feature-film producer for the national investor thanks to its animation project Le Coq de St-Victor, written by Johanne Mercier and Pierre Greco and art director Christian Daigle. With this official recognition, new doors are opening for animation and fiction filmmakers in the Quebec City region.

Every year since 2002, 10sup>th Ave Productions has brought to television screens at least one animated work. Each of its works is 100% produced in Quebec. 10th Ave’s animated films have international careers, as they are broadcast on five continents.

“We are harvesting the fruit of our efforts and perseverance and the development of our expertise,” noted producer Nancy Florence Savard. “And the news couldn’t arrive at a better time for the region, given the start-up of the bachelor’s program in animation at Université Laval and the opening of the École nationale en divertissement interactif de Québec. At 10th Ave, we have a broad vision of the deployment of cultural content. For us, it is essential for economic reasons to retain ownership of our projects, their copyright, and their economic and exploitation rights in order to build the foundations of our cultural undertaking. I am proud to tell you that we are living proof that programs designed for producers outside of the major centres of television and movie production are bearing fruit. It took six years to see the results of these development programs. With the expertise in the region, I believe that we will soon see, on all platforms, characters and stories developed by Quebec artists: designers, screenwriters, cartoonists, novelists, illustrators, directors, composers, sound designers, and so on. The talent of Quebec must be seen and heard on all screens from Quebec City to New York, from Paris to Tokyo!”

10sup>th Ave Productions is a digital television and movie production house. Its projects are noted for their universal themes, high-quality production, outstanding art direction, and international distribution on various platforms: cinema and television, podcasting, Internet, and mobile telephony. The audiences for projects produced by 10th Ave Productions are families, young people, and children. It produces animation works and documentaries of international interest.

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