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Festival d’été international de Québec

Wednesday December 15 2010

On December 14, Nancy Florence Savard, president of 10th Ave Productions and Publishing, agreed to sit as Chairperson of the board of directors of the Festival d’été international de Québec at the festival’s general assembly. A member of the board since 2004, she has been on various committees, including the audit committee, the governance committee, and the programming committee. She has been on the executive committee for two years.

“I am honoured to accept this mandate,” said Savard. “The Festival is an extraordinary organization that is growing quickly and has a dynamic and innovative management team, and I am thrilled be a part of the organization. I must also say that my predecessors have been an inspiration to me, and I thank them for their trust and their dedication.”

The next edition of the Festival d’été international de Québec will take place July 7–17, 2011.


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