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Make the fun last for you and your kids, with the Rooster of St-Victor alarm clock and mobile app!

Monday June 2 2014


10th Ave Editions and Télé-Québec are pleased to announce the June 1st release of mobile apps for the popular Quebecois animation film, The Rooster of St-Victor.  Alarm ringtones, an interactive book, a game, and a webzine for iOS and Android tablets: the entire Rooster of St-Victor universe is finally available on tablet and smart phone.


The alarm clock app, Rooster of St-Victor Alarm, includes four new ringtones: the donkey and the mayor, the film’s theme music and Florence, Thomassin and Gustave. Download the full alarm clock app for $1.99.


Through the interactive eBook, kids can read a wonderful story, enhanced by clips from the film. You can also play a game where the rooster competes against the donkey in a race to be the first to wake up the village.  As an added bonus, get the exclusive chance to discover a webzine about the making of the most popular Quebecois animation film of the year. It includes ten video clips and entertaining anecdotes from the production team. This app is available at the App Store and Google Play for $4.99.


The Rooster of St-Victor synopsis:

The mayor of St-Victor is proud of his village’s thriving economy and orderliness. He credits the prosperity and success of St-Victor to one individual: his beloved pet, an unusually loud and punctual rooster who wakes all the villagers at precisely 4 o’clock in the morning – every day of the week, whether it’s a work day, the weekend, or a holiday. Some of the villagers, having had quite enough of the rooster’s relentless early morning crowing, put a price on his head. They succeed in ousting the pesky rooster, but the village immediately suffers negative consequences. Alarmed at the village’s sudden social and economic downturn, a few citizens form a special squad to retrieve the bird. The Rooster of St-Victor is a highly entertaining homage to perseverance and punctuality filled with comedy and laughter!


The apps were produced by Toboggan Studio, a creator of games and interactive experiences for kids. Mathieu Lampron was acting artistic director. Geneviève Savard supervised the app creation for 10th Ave Editions.

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