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The Storm Vessel: 10th Ave’s sixth animated feature takes flight!

Tuesday February 13 2024

10th Ave Productions, a production company based in the Quebec City area, has begun work on its sixth animated feature, provisionally entitled The Storm Vessel. The project is written by Émilie Rosas and produced by Nancy Florence Savard, with Philippe Arseneau Bussières serving as art director. Each of these three will do be doing double duty, as they share the responsibilities of directing the film.

Freely adapted from Yves Meynard’s novel of the same name, which was published by Éditions MédiasPaul in 1996, the 80-minute script by Émilie Rosas, with script editing by Johanne Prégent, immerses us in a fully-imagined fantasy world. When her older brother Thaddeus is kidnapped by the mysterious Spellbinder, eleven-year-old Lydia sets off to find him in the Misty Sea. Picked up by the crew of the Dolphin, a flying ship, Lydia becomes the apprentice of the ship’s astromagician, Ambrosia, who is searching for other missing youngsters, including her own son. Determined to solve the mystery, Lydia must master astromagic in order to defeat the Spellbinder.

Seeking to enhance the diversity of the book’s characters, the film’s creative team has made an effort to give greater prominence to women, replacing some male characters by female ones – including Ambrosia the astromagician, and the story’s main protagonist, Lydia, who is now an eleven-year-old girl.

For its sixth feature project, which will require over 24 months of work, 10th Ave has decided to go with a team of three directors. “Since this is a very substantial project, we’ve orchestrated directorial functions so that each of us can focus on certain specialties. Given that Émilie works mostly in live action, she’ll be largely in charge of actor direction, scene breakdown, editing and sound design. The art director, Philippe Arseneau Bussières, who has collaborated faithfully with 10th Ave for 25 years now, will be responsible for special effects, of which there are a lot. As for me, this is my third directing credit on an animated feature, and I’ll be concentrating on the animation aspect, with help from director Yann Tremblay of 10th Ave Animation, where all the film’s visuals are being created,” producer Nancy Florence Savard enthusiastically declares.

The Storm Vessel (working title) is scheduled for a 2026 release. The production has been made possible with the support of Telefilm Canada, Sodec, Canada Media Fund, Shaw-Rocket Fund, Bell Media/Crave, Société Radio-Canada, Harold Greeberg Fund and Investissement Québec. The movie will be distribute in Canada by Maison 4:3 and by Attraction Distribution and 10th Ave Studio on the international market. 10th Ave Productions is the Canadian production company behind the 100% Quebec-made animated features Katak the Brave Beluga, Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa, Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly and Simon, Rooster-Doodle-Doo and The Legend of Sarila.

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