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Forward: The Intelligence of The Bionic Leg

Documentary  Completed (2006)  43 minutes 35 secondes


These people have all been confronted with the same choice: face certain death or undergo amputation. They’ve all chosen life, and while learning how to get by with a lost limb, they haven’t lost hope. As a group, they’ve decided to keep moving forward. Fate has brought three of them together: Simon Bouchard is a PhD student in philosophy, Lucien Bouchard is a former premier of Quebec, and Stéphane Bédard is an athlete and innovator. The last of the three,  with his creativity, empathy and technological expertise, offers new hope through the intelligence of his bionic leg.

Platform: Television


(in french only)

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With the participation of
Lucien Bouchard, Stéphane Bédard, Simon Bouchard, Marcel Dulac, Renée Bédard, Francine Langlois, René Fortin and Michel Poulin
Nancy Florence Savard
Production company
10th Ave Productions
Nancy Florence Savard
Nancy Florence Savard
Post-production director
Martin Matte
Canadian distributors
Distribution 10e Ave Inc.
Ciné-Fête (Secteur de l'éducation)

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