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Pour garder toute sa tête (Don’t lose your mind)

Documentary  Completed (2022)  43 minutes

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After her own children suffer severe concussions - which are differently treated, yielding different results, as scientific knowledge advances - mother and producer-director Nancy Florence Savard meets young athletes and specialists in an effort to shed light on the impacts of this terrible injury, through the project: Pour garder toute sa tête (Don't lose your mind).

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Platform: Television


(in french only)

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Interviewed Athletes:
Ann-Julie Allard-Poulin
Antoine Caron
Vincent Coulombe
Émilie-Rose Couture
Laurie-Jane Couture
Sandrine Gagnon
Shirine Gauvin
Jennyfer Richer-Labelle
Interviewed specialists:
Danny Bell
Dave Ellemberg, PhD
Philippe Fait, CAT(C), PhD
Pierre Frémont, MD,PhD
Sarah Imhoff, MSc, PhD
Alain Ptito, PhD
Production Company
10e ave Productions
Nancy Florence Savard
Executive Producer
Michel Gauthier
Richard Lacombe and Nancy Florence Savard
Directors of Photography
Érick Dinel and François Gamache
Film Editors
René Caron and Jason Arbour
Katherine Dupont and Nancy Florence Savard
Isabelle Guilbault, Marie-Ève Potvin, Laurie-Jane Couture and Richard Lacombe
Music Composer
Sound Designer
Jérôme Boiteau
Sound Recorder
Robert Thivierge

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