Storm Vessel

The Storm Vessel

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Storm Vessel


When her older brother Thaddeus is mysteriously kidnapped by the Spellbinder, 11-year-old Lydia sets off to find him in the Misty Sea. Picked up by the crew of a flying ship, the Dolphin, Lydia becomes the apprentice of Ambrosia, a Stargazer. Ambrosia is trying to find other children who have disappeared, including her own son. Determined to solve the mystery, Lydia must learn stargazing magic and ready herself to confront the Spellbinder.

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Animated feature film
Platforms: Cinema, Television


Production Company
10e Ave Productions
Nancy Florence Savard
Free Adaptation
Livres Le vaisseau des tempêtes and Prince des glaces d’Yves Meynard publiés aux Éditions Mediaspaul
Émilie Rosas
Nancy Florence Savard, Émilie Rosas and Philippe Arseneau Bussières
Art Director
Philippe Arseneau Bussières
Philippe Arseneau Bussières

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