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80 years old and full of energy. Retirement? No, thanks!

Monday May 30 2011

Tonight, in a 60-minute documentary, Janette Bertrand, Edgard Fruitier, Jacques Languirand, Monique Mercure, Richard Garneau, Béatrice Picard, Jacques Godin, Antonine Maillet, and Fernand Dansereau confide in director Michel Coulombe, sharing with him their vision of their lives as octogenarians. Inspiring, always hungry for knowledge, and sometimes philosophical, these artisans of the Quebec cultural scene are still taking a full bite out of life.

Throughout this program are testimonials that move us, provoke us to take a look at ourselves, and make us aware of time’s milestones. Radio host Jacques Languirand marks the passage of time by the departure of colleagues, while he has been at the microphone for the same radio show for more than 40 years. “In recent years, when I arrive at Radio-Canada, there are fewer and fewer people I know. Once upon a time, I knew everyone; then, I knew three quarters, half, a quarter. Now, I don’t know anyone anymore.” Fernand Dansereau, the writer and director who revolutionized Quebec television with the series Les Filles de Caleb, reflects, “There are three pitfalls in life, three big illusions: One you’re young, it’s sex; when you’re in midlife, it’s power; and when you’re old, it’s honours.” And the author Janette Bertrand divulges her personal recipe for staying full of energy: “I think that energy comes from the desire to help others, and the desire to know people.”

From confidence to confidence, director Michel Coulombe addresses themes such as health, social engagement, work, and responsibilities with his guests. An experienced interviewer through his trade as columnist and a connoisseur of the film world, Coulombe is making his directorial debut.

Produced by 10th Ave Productions, Octos Dynamos corresponds to the company’s desire to bring wonderful stories and great experiences to the small screen.

Octos Dynamos, 31 May 9:00 pm TV5. Reruns 2 June 11:00 am and 10:00 pm and 6 June 10:00 am.

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