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Octos dynamos

Documentary  Completed (2011)  53 minutes


Retirement? No, thanks! Sensational octogenarians express their unshakable appetite for life. Life at eighty, according to Janette Bertrand, Fernand Dansereau, Edgar Fruitier, Jacques Godin, Richard Garneau, Jacques Languirand, Antonine Maillet, Monique Mercure, and Béatrice Picard. This documentary looks at work, happiness, living in the present, energy, resiliency, amazement, transmission, wisdom, urgency, memory, euphemisms, honours, staying in good shape, mourning, and the things one must cling to in order to keep focused on the future. In short, it looks at life.

Platform: Television

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Janette Bertrand, Richard Garneau, Edgar Fruitier, Jacques Languirand, Monique Mercure, Béatrice Picard, Fernand Dansereau, Jacques Godin and Antonine Maillet
Nancy Florence Savard
Production company
10th Ave Productions
Michel Coulombe
Director of photography
Dany Lavoie

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