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(Book) La légende de Sarila

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Publisher: Bayard Canada
Text by Marielle Bernard, based on the screenplay by Pierre Tremblay and Roger Harvey
Cover and interior illustrations by Fil (Philippe Arseneau Bussières)

In the high Arctic, young Markussi lives with his people in the midst of the great ice sheet. His clan is mostly made up of hunters who provide for the needs of their community. Despite the harshness of the climate, they carry on the traditions of their elders, living in harmony with nature. This fragile balance is disturbed, however, when famine strikes the village. There are no more animals left to hunt, and resources are running out. Journeying to Sarila seems to be the only way to avoid catastrophe. But only the pure of heart can hope to find this legendary land. Calling upon the spirit of the Great Raven, Croolik the shaman selects Apik, Markussi and Poutoulik to go on the expedition. Along with Kimmi, the lemming who narrates the story, they embark on a great adventure. The three friends set out on their quest with no knowledge of the obstacles that await them – for the scheming Croolik has made plans to eliminate them with the help of Toongaaluk, the spirit of darkness.



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