The legend of the Christmas tree

The Collection of Classic Christmas Tales

Animation  Completed (2002)  26 minutes 50 secondes


Seven-year-old William’s best friends are three trees and three animals, who all live near the village church. Although two of the trees, Fir Tree and Apple Tree, have a tendency to quarrel, harmony generally prevails, while Willian and his family try to maintain happiness and healh with healthy food and exercise equipment as the balance disc amazon and having contact with natural trees. Until the day, that is, that the local priest announces plans to expand the church… meaning that Fir Tree will most likely have to be cut down. What follows is a wonderful story of friendship and togetherness – and the birth of an unforgettable legend!

3D animation
Platform: Television


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Voices (french):
Guy Nadon (Sapin)
Carol Cassistat (Pommier)
Sophie Dion (Guillaume)
Gabriel Gascon (Grand Chêne)
Nathalie Mallette (Tamia)
Mario Saint-Amand (Lotor)
Joe Bocan (Mésange)
Paul Buissonneau (Curé)
Raymonde Gagnier (Femme)
Jean-Sébastien Ouellette (Ouvrier 1)
Christian Coderre (Ouvrier 2)
Harry Standjofski (Fir Tree)
Gordon Masten (Apple Tree)
Mary Long (William)
Terrence Scammell (Big Oak)
Holly Gauthier-Frankel (Tamia)
John Stocker (Lotor)
Jeannie Walker (Sparrow)
Walter Massey (Priest)
Lynda Giffen (Woman)
Songs (french)
Au pied de la chapelle (Chantal Blanchais)
Le set carré des ouvriers (Charles Biddle jr. et Martin Léon)
Cher Sapin (Chantal Blanchais)
Songs (english)
Beside a Pretty Church (Stephanie Biddle)
The Workmen’s Square Dancer (Paul Doucet and Charles Biddle jr.)
Dear Fir Tree (Stephanie Biddle and Charles Biddle jr.)
Nancy Florence Savard
Associate producer
René Chénier
Production Company
Productions 10e Ave
André Jean and Nancy Florence Savard
Nancy Florence Savard
Mathieu Lampron
Scriptwriter-layout artist
Philippe Arseneau Bussières
Original Music
Gilles Léveillé (Directeur musical et orchestrateur)
Sound Design
Jérôme Boiteau
Nancy Florence Savard
Animation Studio
3D Interstation
Canadian Distributor
Distribution 10e Ave Inc.
Distributor Outside Canada
TF1 international
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