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Animation  Completed  156 X 30 sec.

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W is for William: a winsome little wrangler, a shipwreck, a boy who’s always willing and determined to get out of any jam. W is a series of hilarious adventures born of William’s desire to leave the island on which he’s stranded, to make friends with the mischievous cormorant, his sole companion, and to find food while not himself falling prey to his neighbour, the terrible white shark.

2D animation
Platforms: Television, Internet, Mobile

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Production Company
10e Ave Productions
Nancy Florence Savard
Pierre Greco
Art Director
Christian Daigle
Pierre Greco
Music Composer
Olivier Auriol
Sound Designer
Studio Expression
Animation Studio
Frima Studio
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Season 1, Episode 30
Season 1, Episode 31
Season 1, Episode 32


The 2010 Youth Media Alliance Awards of Excellence
The 2009 Prix Gémeaux, best humour text
The 2008 Prix Gémeaux, best animation

Official Selections
Expotoons, Argentina 2008
Festival du film de Juste pour rire 2008

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